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The city established independent hotels face collective 'out'

Date: 2018-12-04

The city with the development of the chaining brand, independent hotels seem to be "dead end" into the performance.Recently, the Beijing jade palace hotel co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "jade palace hotel") for 2.6 billion yuan to sell, and performance loss and the main reason behind high liabilities be sold off.As ever to have known the established independent hotels, after decades of development become assets for sale, happily behind also trigger industry for independent hotels survival further discussion.It is understood that at present our country hotel market chaining rate is only 20%, compared to Europe and the United States and other developed countries chaining rate there is still a gap of 60%.The personage inside course of study points out, many independent hotels because of the obsolete facilities, business performance into dilemma.The old independent hotels besides can change for office, also can change depends on the characteristics of boutique hotel or chain hotel, of course this also need to pay the cost.

Jade palace hotel wine dealer

Earlier after second put up for sale, jade palace hotel 100% equity and related official claims is haidian listing-for-sale state assets management center, transfer floor price is 2.683 billion yuan, during the letter group for 26 November - December 21.It is reported that Beijing jade palace hotel is affiliated with Beijing capital group, is a five-star hotel qualification has been cancelled.After the sale, jade palace hotel will be changed to commercial office buildings.

Data shows, jade palace hotel opened in 1998, was once a collection rooms, catering, entertainment, shopping, office in one of the five-star business hotel.Disqualify my jade palace hotel five-star in 2013, by the haidian district of Beijing state-owned capital management center holds a 100% stake.

After the jade palace hotel after nearly 20 years of development.The survival of independent hotels industry is generally believed that Beijing could already into the winter period.Beijing commercial daily reporter found after combing, high monomer hotel property star are selling is not actually a jade palace hotel, in June of this year, Beijing announced the first home buyers for $667 million sale of Beijing financial street hotel 59.5% stake, was founded in 2005, the hotel is the first five-star hotel in the financial street area.In October 2016, Beijing culture on $2016 for sale in Beijing longquan hotel 100% stake, the hotel was established in 1987, was a Beijing covers an area of the largest, with palace garden layout characteristics of the four-star hotel.

Another Beijing business newspaper reporter learns from the hotel property rights trading platform, the current of nearly hundred five-star hotel in the sale of state, including in the Beijing area did not disclose the name of the five-star hotel for sale at six.

In addition to selling monomer hotel property, after Beijing capital tourism group will also be some five-star hotels delimit Beijing capital tourism jianguo hotel management company, to integrate monomer high star hotel.

The personage inside course of study analysis, in the current national rooms in the stock market, many of them are independent hotels.Some independent hotels lack of competitiveness in the management operation, brand promotion, in addition because facilities aging, occupancy as hotel chains, transformation and a lack of money, part of the hotel can't continue to provide enough cash flow to the parent company, therefore forced to "sex".

Low profit into the cause

According to results released by the jade palace hotel, in the year to September 30, the hotel's revenue of 18.0178 million yuan, net loss of 47.1047 million yuan.Total assets amounted to 731 million yuan, debt amounted to 784 million yuan, the owner's equity losses of 53.6181 million yuan;As of June 30, jade palace hotel debt amounted to RMB 756 million, of which 735 million yuan loan principal and interest of about 20.2 million yuan.In 2016, jade palace hotel total revenue of 21.2467 million yuan, net profit for the loss of 39.1824 million yuan.Overall, jade palace hotel stay low occupancy and increasing ratio, is today.

Worrying and jade palace hotel operating condition has in fact is the common fault of the majority of independent hotels.According to the 2017 China hotel property rights transaction analysis report (hereinafter referred to as the "hotel transaction analysis report"), according to the total domestic trading record last year, is expected to clinch a deal amount more than 35 billion yuan.Asset auction, according to incomplete statistics, more than 30 billion yuan worth of auction, the number of more than 400, compared with last year, listed hotel assets increased nearly 7 times.Expected, improper hotel assets (including: debt overdue, insolvency, litigation and bankruptcy, shutdown, etc.) more than 3000, involving more than 500 billion yuan.Hotel asset deterioration of sluggish sales and gradually spread from three or four line city to a second-tier cities.

This hotel Zhao Huanyan senior experts pointed out that the established independent hotels competitive pressure mainly comes from hardware aging, enterprises are unable to upgrade, and the high star hotel in phase iterations, depend on the location advantage of traditional hotel will face elimination.Decades also for the other part of the hotel, the business profit margins is low, in addition to the operating problems exist, and may be due to the hotel built loan proportion is big, and then with the exchange rate changes and fluctuations in foreign exchange loan, causes the owner servicing pressure is too great.